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One product label across Europe for all water using bathroom products

‘Best of All’ Initiative

Leading European bathroom manufacturers, representing the sanitaryware, taps and valve sectors collectively recognise the desire to have one product label across Europe. The industry recognises their responsibility, and the crucial role they play, in educating the end user to make an informed choice, when selecting water and energy using bathroom products.

The Unified Water Label Association

The Unified Water Label Association was established in 2020 to drive forward the implementation of the Unified Water Label across Europe, and replaces the former governing body, the European Bathroom Forum (EBF). The European Bathroom Forum was formed to facilitate and host the Unified Water Label in 2017. In this year the ‘Best of Both’ leading to the ‘Best of All’ initiative was launched.  This brings together 4 of the 5 European Water Labelling schemes; Sweden, Swiss, Portugal and European Water Label harmonising technical data and moving to one label under the banner of the Unified Water Label.

Minutes & Agendas

The European Bathroom Forum is a totally transparent organisation.  The meetings are open to any interested parties to attend. All of the relevant documents from the meetings can be found here.

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