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When you choose a UWL product it will help you use water wisely, reduce energy wastage and saving you money.

Consultation Papers


Water Matters

A collection of videos from our brands on why they chose the UWLA

Why we need to use water wisely

70 % of all water used within the domestic environment is associated with bathing and washing functions, and 25% of consumer energy bills is linked to heating this hot water

Top tips for saving water and energy in your bathroom

You can make a difference by using water wisely in your bathroom

Find a water efficient bathroom product

Update your bathroom with modern products, designed to be efficient without any detriment to performance

The Unified Water label at a glance

How to read the Unified Water Label and understand how it can help you save water and reduce your energy bills

News and views

Keep up to date with details on how to find your water efficient products and why you should choose them


A selection of our videos explaining more about the Unified Water Label and water efficiency in the bathroom