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July 26th 2022


The shocking news that Italy has declared a state of emergency in five northern regions due to drought, reinforces the need for water efficiency to be a top priority, says UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill.

Yvonne’s comments follow the government announcement of a €36.5 million emergency funds for the affected regions, as the drought threatens more than 30% of the agricultural production in the country, and half of the farms in the Po Valley.

Yvonne says, “Italy has experienced unusually hot weather and low rainfall across winter and spring which has compounded water shortages in northern Italy. This is an area that does not usually experience severe droughts, such as in southern Italy, and a stark reminder to other countries about the effects of climate change.

“Only last year, a scientific study from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented, and sometimes irreversible ways. This study made clear that the dangers of warming our planet are no longer something distant, it’s here and now and affecting every region in the world.”

“The news from Italy should serve as a wake-up call for the bathroom industry.  Climate change is happening here and now and can no longer be ignored.  We can make a difference by supporting the industry led Unified Water Label, a smart tool which can help homeowners use water efficiently. It provides consumers with the information they need to facilitate change, making it more important than ever to make the Label visible and illustrate the benefits.

“We have the support of manufacturers across Europe who have driven forward innovation to deliver bathroom products that use less water and energy.  We now want to keep our focus on communication, encouraging everyone in the supply chain, to ensure more of these products are used in the home.

“We would urge all of our European partners to support the Unified Water Label, so that we can help consumers understand the issues around water scarcity, the link with energy and carbon emissions, and collectively make a positive difference.”

Those interested in finding out how they can become involved by supporting the UWLA or joining our campaign can find out more by visiting the website

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