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August 13th 2020

Government missed vital opportunity to save water says Unified Water Label

The government has missed an ideal opportunity to help homeowners save water, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, so says Yvonne Orgill, MD at the Unified Water Label.

Yvonne said, “It is disappointing that water efficient and energy-saving bathroom products, such as taps, showers and WC’s did not feature in the details of the Green Homes Grant published last week, which could have encouraged many to upgrade their old bathroom fittings.

“We are experiencing increased pressure on our water supplies from climate change and the extra hand-washing recommended to combat the spread of the coronavirus.  The need for good sanitation and improved cleaning will remain a major factor to combating the pandemic. The government has missed a real opportunity by not promoting the use of products that can help people use water more wisely.

“With up to 70% of all water used within the domestic environment associated with bathing and washing functions, and 25% of consumer energy bills linked to heating hot water, there are clear savings to be made that benefit the consumer and the environment.

“As an industry we have the technology to offer water efficient products without compromising the experience for the end user. Many manufacturers are also supporting the Unified Water Label, which identifies the water and energy consumption of products, helping consumers make more informed choices.

“Hundreds of registered brands from across Europe support the label with thousands of registered products, and benefit from the competitive advantage it brings. Manufacturers are also realising their responsibility to educate consumers and promote the benefits of choosing products that carry the Unified Water Label.

“The government must support the industry with initiatives such as the Green Homes Grant or VAT reductions to help consumers understand the importance of the water efficiency and home energy message.

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