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May 16th 2023


The Unified Water Label Association has urged KBB retailers to support the Unified Water Label and use the tools provided to promote it to customers as the industry celebrates Water Saving Week (15-19 May).

Hosted by WaterWise, Water Saving Week aims to promote best practice and the ways in which we can learn how to reduce our water usage, and why it’s important to do so.

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill says, “KBB retailers have a wealth of tools readily available free of charge to help them embrace the ‘water efficiency’ message in the showroom.

“Retailers can demonstrate how much water different products use by inputting product data into the Water Calculator on the website, with more than 17,000 products currently registered, there is no shortage of products for retailers to promote.

“Changing behaviour is key to success, and retailers have a unique opportunity to bring this dialogue to their customers. They are on the front line, able to influence and educate consumers directly on how much water different products use, as well as the consequences of their actions and behaviour in the home once these products are purchased.

“There is also a marketing pack for retailers which includes a range of tools, flyers, posters, social media posts and videos, with tips and advice on how to save water in the home.

“A guide to using the Unified Water Label in the showroom is also underway.  This will demonstrate how retailers can display the Unified Water Label whilst maintaining integrity of showroom design.”

“By supporting the Unified Water Label, a smart solution developed by the industry, retailers will be supporting manufacturers that have developed these products, which can help consumers use less water in the home. Together we can achieve greater visibility in the marketplace, and drive forward significant changes in attitudes to water and energy efficiency.”

More information is available from the UWLA website


Pictured: Example of Unified Water Label on display in a retail showroom

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