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March 18th 2020

UWL Response to Bold Budget

Yvonne Orgill, MD at the Unified Water Label (UWL) comments on the 2020 budget.

“The promises of substantial investment in infrastructure and housing are welcome, as are the measures to combat climate change but the coronavirus crisis and the government advice on washing hands thoroughly, brings into sharp focus the issues around using water wisely.

“The levels of investment promised by Chancellor Rishi Sunak were impressive.  A £30bn package to combat the negative impact of the coronavirus on the economy. £27bn of investment in infrastructure and a £12bn five-year affordable housing programme.

“The government hopes that these measures will help SME businesses deal with the short term impact of the coronavirus and boost the economy to halt the turmoil in the markets.

“Whilst dealing with coronavirus is the most immediate priority, focusing on climate change and the need to use water wisely, the world’s most precious resource, must not be ignored.

“It is my hope that we can encourage companies to use the UWL Water Calculator which contains information on water consumption for hundreds of products, enabling quick and easy specification, as the new housing programme gets underway.”

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