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June 18th 2020

Virtual Workshop on Benefits and Commercial Gains for those that Support the Unified Water Label

A virtual workshop is being held next month on 08 July to help manufacturers, merchants and retailers understand the benefits and commercial gains that can come from supporting the Unified Water Label.

The workshop will include a presentation that will consider how the home improvement sector will be boosted by recovery plans that focus on the green economy.  It will outline the clear opportunities arising from the Green Deal and the Circle Economy.

This workshop is the first of a series, with a focus on the Italian market.  It is hosted by AVR and Confindustria Ceramica, both leading Associations in Italy.

UWL MD Yvonne Orgill said, “The UWL is a smart tool that can aid achieving compliance with government strategies, and dovetails nicely with the new initiative Green Deal. It is unique in the market place, providing a simple solution to complement manufacturers’ cutting edge products that deliver great performance.

“We can demonstrate clear commercial gains for companies that support this initiative and invite those that wish to find out more to join us.”

Companies can contact Yvonne at to secure their place.

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