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May 16th 2023


The Unified Water Label Association (UWLA) has extended its schools activity, providing a comprehensive teachers’ pack free of charge to celebrate Water Saving Week (15-19 May).

The UWLA has reached out to primary schools nationwide following a successful pilot project which was run in Kent last year.

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill said, “The schools project will encourage children to learn about environmental issues and to think about the consequences of their choices and behaviours.  We want to reach the hearts and minds on water efficiency as early as possible as we know that young people are more actively concerned about climate change than any other generation before them.

“The project pack includes templates and information to guide schools through their own project.  Activities such as water themed tasks, including a fun water survey that children can do at home. There is guidance on how to bring the results back to class, record and discuss. All tasks have been designed to link into the National Curriculum.  A short PowerPoint presentation on the origins of water is also available. This covers how water is used, and wasted with an explanation of the ‘Water Label’.

“Schools that fall into Devon, Cornwall and Dorset have received a targeted message from UWLA as they are in areas that are already operating under a hosepipe ban.

“We want our campaign to raise awareness and encourage young people to take action, and to feel good about playing their part.  If we all take responsibility for the choices we make, and the habits we adopt, we can use water wisely and safely to protect our environment and wellbeing.”


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