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March 7th 2023


The Unified Water Label Association is calling for an integrated approach to education and promoting the ‘use water wisely’ message on World Plumbing Day, Saturday 11 March.

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill says, “The international plumbing industry comes together on this day to promote the link between good quality plumbing, health, environmental sustainability and, increasingly, economic prosperity.

“We must all work together to support good quality plumbing, which is not only essential for cleanliness, and crucial to maintain health but important, if we are to use water wisely.

“The UWLA has been engaging with its partners to educate on the role water using bathroom products can play in the environmental challenge that we face. It is only by presenting a cohesive message that we can help consumers make responsible water-saving choices.  We have made good progress, gaining support and commitment to help consumers understand the issues around water scarcity, and drive home the message that for the sake of the planet we must use water wisely.

“The Water Label is used extensively by over 10,500 architects on new building projects and we have a database of products across 15 categories, which currently covers over 15,700 individual products and 160 plus brands.  Support is growing from a number of retailers both large and small with global home furnishing brand IKEA, and leading German DIY retailer Globus now promoting the Unified Water Label across their sustainable bathroom and kitchen products.  In addition one of the UK’s leading Plumbing & Heating buying groups PHG, with 15 members across 289 branches and showrooms has added products from its own brand INSTINCT onto the UWLA database.

“Supporters such as Hansgohe and IKEA will be joining us at ISH, the leading trade fair for HVAC + Water, speaking at our event ‘HOW THE UNIFIED WATER LABEL CAN HELP SOLVE THE CLIMATE CRISIS’. This takes place on Wednesday 15 March in room 4C, Concorde at 10.30am, please join us.

“Now is the time for plumbers and others in the bathroom industry to come together and support the UWLA – visit the website today to find how you can play your part.”

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