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October 17th 2023


The Unified Water Label Association is supporting the UK’s first Water Night, an initiative launched by Waterwise to drive forward greater water awareness.

Waterwise have joined forces with The Water Conservancy in Australia to bring Water Night to the UK, on the same day as it takes place in Australia.

The campaign asks people to sign up and support Water Night by turning off all non-essential taps from 5pm -10pm on 19 October.

Supported by social media the campaign shares statistics and facts about how water is used in the home to boost awareness of the difference between perceptions of how we use water, versus how we actually use water.

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill says, “We are delighted to support Water Night UK.  It represents a fantastic opportunity for us to reinforce our consumer messages on water efficiency, and remind people that they can save energy, and protect our planet by using water wisely.

“The Unified Water Label has been championing water efficiency since 2008 and is now supported and promoted by 160 leading brands across Europe with almost 18,000 products registered.

“The UWLA has played a huge part in encouraging manufacturers to innovate and bring to market state of the art products that provide consumers with water saving options without compromising on performance

“In the last twelve months we have made huge strides forward with an increased awareness across all sectors, of the need to help consumers make responsible water-saving choices.  The UWLA has had more retailers, manufacturers and distributors pledge their support to use the label and highlight the issues around water scarcity, driving home the message that for the sake of the planet we must use water wisely.

“We would ask others to join us in supporting Water Night UK, together we can all play an important role to influence and educate consumers on the options available, and help them make the right environmental choices when investing in their home.”



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