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January 26th 2021

UWLA urges KBB retailers to realise benefits of Unified Water Label

Yvonne Orgill, MD at the The Unified Water Label Association (UWLA) is urging KBB retailers to realise the benefits of promoting bathroom products that carry the Unified Water Label to consumers.

Yvonne says, “Research has shown that consumer attitudes have changed over the last 12 months.  The Covid pandemic has had a huge impact, not only on how much time people now spend at home but also in terms of their views on environmental responsibility and climate change. There is a growing interest in products that can help save water and energy, helping keep household bills down and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

“The good news for retailers is we now have a huge selection of innovative products that are designed to use water wisely, without compromising on quality.  Retailers do not have to compromise on design or performance when selecting environmentally friendly products to promote to their customers. These products can be sourced easily from our database of over 13,000 products.

“Many of Europe’s most well-known and well respected brands offer bathroom products that carry the UWL, providing taps, showers and toilets that use water wisely and offer great choice to the consumer.

A recent survey by The Bathroom Manufacturers Association revealed that consumers would like to make better purchasing decisions but lack the knowledge to do so.  The survey found that more than half of those surveyed would like to improve their household water efficiency (55%), and state it influences their purchasing decision (51%).  The survey also reported that four in ten adults are not sure how to improve the water efficiency in their home (41%) and three in ten (28%) don’t know how much water they use daily.

“These results clearly illustrate that retailers could benefit by providing this information to the consumer.

“We have produced an information sheet for retailers to help them understand the benefits and will be promoting our #dontforgettheplug campaign to them over the next three months to build awareness.”

Information on the UWL can be found here

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