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February 21st 2024


The severe droughts experienced across Europe last year could be repeated, as large parts of southern Europe are already grappling with severe dry spells. In February Sicily announced a ‘state of natural disaster’, Sardinia’s reservoirs are running low and Catalonia has declared a drought emergency.

Yvonne Orgill MD at UWLA says, “This is a disastrous situation so early in the year, and makes our water efficiency message absolutely critical for the whole of Europe.

“After the exceptionally hot summers last year, people are going to be fearful of another year of hardship. These type of measures are only going to become more frequent unless people begin to take seriously the dangers of warming our planet, recognising that it is not something that will happen in the future but is here and now, affecting every region in the world.

“The need to use water wisely becomes more important every year, which is why the UWLA has been working across Europe to raise awareness of the Unified Water Label, and is bringing this important message to MOSTRA CONVEGNO this year. In Italy we partner with Confindustria Ceramica and AVR, the Italian Association of Valve and Tap Manufacturers. You will find us with AVR at stand 1 K29/L22.

“The Unified Water Label is a smart tool that provides a means to identify water using products with a common label that offers clear, concise and easy to understand messaging about water and energy usage.

“The Unified Water Label Association is dedicated to driving home the water efficiency message, encouraging everyone in the supply chain to support us by highlighting the label and the products that carry it, to ensure more of these products are used in the home.

“We are grateful for the support of the European industry, which is committed to supporting the European Commission on their path to achieving reducing water waste, thus ensuring we have sufficient supply for future generations.

“Those interested in finding out how they can become involved by supporting the UWLA or joining our campaign can find out more by visiting the website


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