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March 1st 2019

Water For Life Issue 4 – March 2019


Welcome to our 4th issue of Water for Life, Saving Water is in Your Hands!

Our biennial magazine brings you the latest information on the ‘Best of All’ journey and the merging of 4 labels into one, for water using bathroom products in Europe. Water and energy efficiency means doing more and better, with less.

It opens the possibility for manufacturers to use innovative design to deliver greater efficiency but use less water and energy. Manufacturers have been working hard to expand their portfolio of water-efficient products, with many products now delivering exactly what consumers demand. A win, win situation for all.

So why is labelling so important and why one label?

Labelling is just one element in the education process, it provides easy identification and a good comparison with simplistic messaging, enabling a more informed choice for consumers and architects alike. It’s also more than that, the European bathroom industry believes in the Label and the role it plays in educating the market. A plethora of labels with different metrics exists, making comparisons difficult. So many labels cause confusion and unnecessary additional costs for Industry

The ‘Best of All’ approach led by the industry has helped to simplify this important message, with the launch of the Unified Water Label during ISH 2019.

I thank Anqip, Swedish Energy, European Water Label and Swiss Energy for being so forward-thinking and compromising during the development stage.

The Unified Water Label is now ready for the next important phase and moves forward to seek out a Voluntary Agreement.

I am grateful to all that have contributed on the journey and thank you for the part you have played in saving water.

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