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April 15th 2021


The first Water Matters virtual conference, hosted by the Unified Water Label on 13 April, was hailed a success by UWLA CEO Yvonne Orgill.

The conference which brought together representatives from different sectors to explore how the bathroom industry can work together, to better inform customers about using water efficiently, was attended by an international audience of over 150 delegates.

“We are delighted with the support for our first Water Matters event,” says Yvonne.  “The audience was diverse representing manufacturers, associations, retailers, distributors and media from Europe as well as further afield from Australia and the USA.

“The conference included a mix of panel discussions and presentations with a keynote speaker, which kept the audience fully engaged, with most attending for the full ninety minutes.

“It was clear from the presentations and the questions asked that there is wide spread support for the Unified Water Label and the need to promote the benefits of using water wisely.

“Our guest speaker Ben Keene concluded the conference with a passionate look at how we can all work together to put water back at the centre of life.

“We have already had enquiries from other countries wanting to find out more about the Unified Water Label and are confident that the conference will aid us in our mission to encourage more companies involved in the bathroom industry to join us.”

More information about the Unified Water Label can be found here

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