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August 31st 2022


UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill will participate in an online workshop, hosted by The European Energy Network and ADENE, the Portuguese Energy Agency.

The EU Sustainable Energy Week partner event takes place on September 27th at 11.30-13.00.  It will be based around the preliminary results of the European survey and study, which is still ongoing, by the European Energy Network (EnR), designed to understand consumers’ needs, motivations and willingness to choose labelled water use products, fixtures and equipment.

Yvonne says, “I am delighted to be part of this important European event that provides an opportunity to discuss and explore how labelling schemes can improve water-energy performance in the taps and showers market.

“The need to conserve water and energy has become more critical in the current climate emergency and unstable energy security contexts.

“Water efficiency is key if we are to adapt to water scarcity, which is increasing given the drought conditions that affect more than 50% of the European territory (according to the latest map of the Combined Drought Indicator 47% of the EU territory is in Warning conditions and 17% is in Alert conditions). At the same time, energy savings have become even more important, not only due to the fundamental carbon neutrality commitments to respond to climate change as urgently as possible, but also to address the geopolitical context of the war in Europe and energy security.

“This is a conversation that can no longer be ignored, and I would urge everyone to contribute to the survey, and work together to take action and facilitate change.”

Participation in the online workshop is Free, the registration form is available here


Yvonne Orgill, UWLA MD


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