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Company Registration

Complete the registration form below to become a member of the unified water label.

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    Section 1: Company Detail

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    Company representatives authorised to complete forms of

    Taps, Combination Tap Assemblies and Kitchen Taps*

    Shower Controls (Mixers)

    Electric Showers*

    Shower Handsets, Outlets, Head and Body Showers*

    Supply Line Flow Regulators*


    WC Suites including WC Pans*

    Independent WC Flushing Cisterns*

    Grey Water Systems*

    Urinal Controllers*

    Replacement WC Flushing Devices*

    Independent Urinal Flushing Cisterns*

    Section 2: Company Statement (Company means the qualifying business as identified in Section 1)

    I/We hereby apply to the Water Label Scheme, Rue Belliard 12, 1040 Brussels Belgium

    I/We have read and understood the information contained in the rules and regulations of the Scheme issued by the Water Label Company, see I/We certify that all statements made and information given in this registration are true to the best of our knowledge and belief.

    Confirm agreement to the above statements*

    Section 3: Declaration of Conformity:

    Each company application for registration must be supported by a Declaration of Conformity which is signed by the authorised signatory of the registered company. The Declaration of Conformity states that all registered product(s) identified satisfies the criteria of the Scheme.

    All documents submitted, together with this registration, are deemed to be the property of the Water Label Scheme.

    Payment and Declaration of Conformity must be received with Company Application for Registration, see