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Top tips for saving water and energy in your bathroom

Here are some of our top tips that everyone can implement to save water in the bathroom:

  • If you still have a single flush WC in your home, replace it with a dual flush, offering both a small and large flush. 4 times out of 5 you will only need to use the shorter flush, which will save you on average, up to 3 litres per flush
  • Spend one minute less in the shower- if everybody took 1 minute off their shower, collectively we could save 7% of water used in the home, and this will also reduce your energy bill.
  • Put the plug in your bath when you start to run the bath- not waiting for the water to warm up first not only saves water but reduces the risk of scalding as the tepid water regulates temperature
  • Fix a dripping tap – for every tap left dripping, around 90 litres of water is wasted every week – approximately 45,000 litres wasted every year, per tap