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June 24th 2024


The Unified Water Label Association (UWLA) has launched an animated film to support installers and help them communicate the Water Matters message to their customers.

The short informative film seeks to address the ‘Why should I bother?’ mind-set and show installers how they can play a major role in changing consumer behaviour and make a tangible difference to the sustainability agenda.
UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill says, “For many consumers, water efficiency and conservation are now a key part of their buying behaviour when choosing products or suppliers. Installers are in a unique position to advise and educate consumers. Government research has indicated over 60% of sales were influenced by the installer, illustrating that they are in a unique position to recommend products that deliver the savings consumers are looking for.

“With so many innovative products available that deliver both great performance and significant savings on both water and energy, it can be overwhelming for consumers to know which product is best for them. The Unified Water Label displays product performance, water usage, energy efficiency, and product and technical details. The QR code also gives access to more free advice and brochures.
“By promoting UWL products, installers can help inspire consumers to make small but important changes to how they use water at home.

“We hope that installers will love our new film. We also have a range of other helpful tools, such as a marketing pack which includes flyers, posters, social media posts and videos, with tips and advice on how to save water in the home.

“Installers can also utilise the Water Calculator on the UWLA website to find how much water different products use, with more than 24,000 products currently registered, there is no shortage of products for installers to promote.

“We welcome the opportunity to meet with installers and any other visitors, as together we can achieve greater visibility in the marketplace, and embrace a cleaner, greener bathroom revolution.”
Visit The Unified Water Label Association at stand 4J32 to find out more.

The new animated film can be seen here and the UWLA website can be found here

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