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July 10th 2024


The Unified Water Label Association, (UWLA) made a number of changes to the board of directors at the open forum meeting, which was held on 03 July in Aveiro, Portugal.

Henk Gieskens, head of client partnerships, installer – elemental and Fiona Felix from Hansgrohe were co-opted onto the Board of Directors, and Markus Gantenbein from Geberit takes over from Georg Taubert on his retirement.

The open forum was well attended both in person and online. UWLA president Carlos Velazquez welcomed participants and UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill, gave an update on activity and progress.

Yvonne said, “Market transformation is happening and the UWLA is influencing at all levels. From grass roots level with young people in schools, through retailers, merchants and installers, to government bodies and associations.

“The board agreed that we will review the water efficiency grades for the scheme, to reflect the positive market transformation over the last few years. New improved grades will be available in 2025.

Carlos added, “We have made great progress, industry is active, engaged and fully supportive.

“We are delighted that the transition to bring Anqip onto the Unified Water Label is now complete and warmly invite all members in Portugal to register their products.

“Next year will be an important year to build on the strong growth we have experienced so far.  We have the products and the label, and we also have the solutions. Greater visibility in the marketplace will secure our success and leadership on water efficiency.”


Front left-right: Carlos Velasquez, Yvonne Orgill, Carla Rodgriues
Middle left-right: Henk Gieskens, Georg Taubert, Markus Gantenbein, Armando Afonso
Back left-right:
Timo Kopka, Paul Skinner


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